Romain Huet

Developer Relations · Magician · Speaker · Software Engineer · Entrepreneur

Hello! I’m a software engineer based in San Francisco, I run Developer Relations at Stripe.

Previously, I was a Senior Developer Advocate at Twitter and the first member of Twitter’s Developer Relations team outside the US. In 2014, I helped launch Fabric, our mobile developer platform, and Digits. In 2015, our developer tour has led me to meet thousands of developers and entrepreneurs in more than 30 cities around the world.

Prior to Twitter, I was Co-Founder & CTO of Jolicloud, whose free operating system was designed to work on low cost computers and connect them to the cloud. Joli OS was the first OS based on Linux, Chromium, and HTML5, paving the way towards a new generation of browser-based platforms like Chrome OS. In 2010, the Jolibook was a finalist for “Netbook of the Year” at Engadget Awards, alongside Google’s first Chromebook.