Romain Huet

Developer Advocate · Magician · Speaker · Software Engineer · Entrepreneur

Hello, I’m a Senior Developer Advocate at Twitter. First member of the Developer Relations team outside of the US, I joined Twitter in 2013 to tell the story of the platform and inspire developers to connect to the pulse of the planet with Twitter APIs. In October 2014, I’ve helped launch Fabric, our new mobile platform, and Digits. Since then, I’ve been traveling the world to meet developers in more than 20 cities and working with amazing entrepreneurs and companies to build the best mobile apps for iOS & Android.

Previously, I was the Co-Founder & CTO of Jolicloud. I designed and launched Joli OS, the first cloud operating system based on Linux and Chromium. I created its user interface and exposed system APIs with cutting-edge JavaScript and HTML5, and built the platform connecting all major cloud services entirely in Node.

During my engineering course, I worked at Netvibes where I pioneered the Facebook API development with the most popular widget of the personalized start page and helped create UWA, the open source JavaScript engine to make Netvibes apps run everywhere.